Start Blogging and Writing

My writing journey has been a long time coming, I spoke many years ago with a then work colleague Lorraine Gallsworthy about how I really wanted to write a book. We were both voracious readers. I genuinely have always felt that there was a book in me, I remember having CBT with a chap called Roger during a particularly low point in my life and he told me "You want to share this don't you" I knew that I had to share my own story and writing has since become a passion. I love reading about anything, I genuinely enjoy reading the articles and experiences that others share. 



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Whether this is a life experience, a self help book or a novel, a book in your hands (or e-reader!) allows you to take a break from reality, to transport yourself into another world, one of imagination, one of fantasy, one of developement and becoming a better version of you.

I started my writing Journey on a site created by my good friend Ken Dunn. He has written several books all of which have sold thousands of copies. He is pioneering the Go Read site which allows you and I to become authors. To realise our dreams and that we do not have to rely on the traditional methods of publishing where you send your manuscript to 20 different publishers allowing them all to denegrate and rubbish your work..


Believe in yourself and trust me, you can achieve whatever you want.