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Everyone has a book in them? or so the saying goes. I honestly believe that this is the case. What 80%+ of people do not have is the commitment and desire to actually write that book. You may well be reading this now with a fantastic idea for a book. My first book was by no means the first idea I cam up with, in fact it was probably about the 5th!  The simple fact remained that I wanted with a passion to see my name on the cover of a book, to walk through an airport lounge or go into a book shop and see a product and story that I had created, I had dream’t about. Am I hitting a nerve with you?? I hope so… I would love to be able to work with and for you to realise the dream I did in creating your book.

It all fell into shape for me, some would say “luck” but I totally disagree, I had the desire and I will share the story of how exactly this happened.

I cannot recommend this book and system used within the book highly enough. Nick Boothman certainly knows his stuff. This system makes writing a book manageable, if you follow the system via a writing coach then you will end up with a manuscript to work on. A manuscript I wrote using the system gave me nearly 20,000 words. That was from writing in 10 minute bursts of madness. If you click on the link on the picture you can get this book mailed to you free of charge, all you need pay is the P & P.  Mention “Gary D” when you order it!!

In addition to using Nicholas Boothmans’ Write A Saleable Book system, I have also used “Scrivener” It is a really impressive program which is easy to pick up. There are loads of resources out there which will teach you the basics of what to do and how to get the best out of this piece of kit. It is worth its’ weight in gold for any would be author. To learn more about this click on the Photograph and it will give you more insight.