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Whist 2 Trust

Trust can make you or break you but what does that really mean? Whist 2 Trust will help you to recognise qualities in yourself and others that will enhance your life and those around you. Whist 2 Trust offers life lessons weaved through the story of Isabel as she is evacuated at 9 years of age during World War 2. We follow her return to Manchester where she joins her Father in the family business and her journey through the male dominated world of commerce in the years following the war.

 The situations she encounters and the lessons she learns are as relevant now in our lives, families, jobs and relationships as they were then.

 Let Isabel show you that how we treat others truly does affect our own lives and happiness. 

Whist to Trust: a simple mnemonic which will remain with you for life.

Order Signed Copy £7.76 + £1.40 p & p