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About Gary

I've always wanted to write a book!  Never thought I would actually do it though!  You can too if you want it enough.

I Worked in Law Enforcement for nearly  24 years. I have a great interest in people,I've had my own fight with depression and I have fallen foul of the people that do not actually believe that it is a real illness. I was told by a Police Occupational Health Doctor, "It's all in your head, you just need to learn to think differently!". I want to make people aware that this is not fake, that we are all fighting our own personal battles and facing whatever demons life may throw at you along the way. None of us is immune, none of us is perfect, yet many feel qualified to comment and qualify an opinion suiting how they feel or on what they have heard.

I  love  reading, learning new things  and personal development and through the medium of writing like to share these experiences as well as learning what others write.

I  live in Manchester, England with my beautiful wife Kay, not so beautiful children, Tom, Isabel and Hadyn, and obviously beautiful dogs Charlie and Bella.