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Mental Health Tips for Lockdown

The attached picture is from one of my recent walks along the canal towpath near where I live.

I read a recent article giving some excellent tips for our mental health during the current pandemic we still find ourselves in. I for one have found this both interesting and helpful. I will add a link here if you wish to read the full article but am going to give you the bullet points summarised below:

  • Try to avoid speculation and look up reputable sources on the outbreak
  • Try to stay connected
  • Talk to your children
  • Try to anticipate stress
  • Try not to make assumptions
  • Try to manage how you follow the outbreak in the media

The most important one in my humble opinion is regarding the media, I have been guilty of obsessing about listening to news items and talk shows, reading the mainstream media websites  and winding myself up into a frenzy half of the time. The past week I have taken a break from paying too much attention. Certainly not avoiding it but am now watching some positive stuff on Youtube and TV. Things like Vloggers who live on Narrowboats, How to cook Millionaire Shortbread and the like. It’s actually doing me the world of good.

Coupled with my 10,000 step a day goal, I have taken to walking our dog for around 90 minutes most mornings down the canal towpath. Aside from the physical benefits, I can almost definitely feel the mental benefits. I am actually getting withdrawal symptoms on the days I’m not going out. That and the sadistic satisfaction I get when it is pouring with rain also means that I can don my waterproofs and what I love most is that not as many people are as daft as me choosing to stay dry at home means the towpath is much quieter. 


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