Keeping the Right People December 3, 2018

Keeping the Right People

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How often within your working environment have you become so frustrated because those that shout the loudest seem to consistently get either what they want or get away with being the problem in a team or company again and again?

The sad thing is that this is happening the world over.

A strong manager will go to great lengths to ensure that the right people are rewarded. That they recognise this and tell those people that it is them that are important and matter.

A weak leader will continue to allow the problem kids to be problematic. Often they will promote/move sideways or promise these problem kids something much better in the mistaken belief that they are doing it to motivate them.

They may not even realise that they are doing this but you can guarantee that the good guys will notice it and eventually resent and worse still look for alternatives.

My question to you as a leader is to ask yourself, “Am I doing what I’m doing for the right reasons or the easy option?”


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