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Laughter- A Great Medicine

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The most beautiful  girl in the world, AKA my wife Kay has not been feeling well in the past few weeks, I won’t go into the mechanics of it all but life really does throw a low baller in now and again. 

This isn’t about me/us as we are all having our own problems and issues which we are dealing with.

I’d booked for us to go and see Jason Manford at the Manchester Evening News arena a few months ago which she was really pleased about.  

Come 5 O’clock yesterday she really didn’t want to go. She didn’t feel that she could cope. 

I did convince her to go and it was heart warming seeing her laugh, seeing her put the thoughts and feeelings behind her for that few hours. I was watching her howl with laughter, we had a superb evening and if you haven’t seen him, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Finishing the show and what he said about life really struck a chord with me and with Kay. I don’t want to spoil this for anyone that hasn’t been, but if you were there last night you will know what I am talking about.

We are all having our own problems and issues but when we can put them to one side for just a few hours and laugh it really is a great medicine.

Thank you Jason, she did say that she found him attractive but quickly said it was because he looks like me which was one of his gags much to our hilarity!!

Laughter is a Tonic!!

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