Richard Branson

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Yesterday I had the privilege of spending the day with a 69 year old retired Airline Captain. There seemed little that he hadn’t achieved in the aviation world. I was fascinated to listen to the stories he told me, the experiences that he had amassed during his working life.

I’m interested in the leadership style of Richard Branson and made no secret of this and I quizzed “Bob” about his own experience of working for Branson as a pilot working for Virgin.

He did not fail to confirm my own thoughts about what Branson is all about.

Doesn’t necessarily pay top dollar in wages, doesn’t necessarily give his employees all the hype and promises some do, but what he does do is look after his employees, he turns up at check in desks, at baggage halls, the places you don’t expect him to with his little note book. He listens to people and will challenge the directorship with the ideas from the floor.

If one gets used, he will reward the person whose idea it was, unlike many organisations where people gain promotion and kudos on the back of others ideas.

He hates sacking people, but he ensures that those in need of challenging or addressing get done. He praises and is loyal to those that are loyal to him..


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