The Trust Account November 21, 2018

The Trust Account

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The Trust Account

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I’ve recently returned to the “flight deck” and am doing some instructing on a Boeing 737 Simulator, the picture at the beginning of the article being taken during a session. Looking at the picture and with some recent stuff that has happened on my life puts me in mind of a chapter in my book entitled “The Trust Account”

You see we place immense trust in the flight crew when we fly.. we trust they are going to deliver on their promise to return us safely to the ground.. We don’t know them but immediately trust them because of the position they are in. They feature highly in our “trust account”

We go through life meeting people and they enter into our circle of trust and if you are like me you will make a judgment and once you feel that you get to know them more you allow them to build credits in their own “trust account” this account takes a while to populate and gain a balance but, it can also be lost very quickly.

I’ve had this happen to me recently in a big way… I really never saw this one coming but these things are nothing but learning experiences which will only serve to make us stronger and better people.

Remember the rule of the Trust Account…  Building credits can take a while… but it can also be lost in an instant…


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