Where were you when???? November 15, 2018

Where were you when????

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I’m guessing most of you reading this know who these likely lads are in the picture. For those that don’t it’s the starring cast of what in my humble opinion is the funniest TV programme ever made. I have watched each episode hundreds of times and each time it will cheer me up regardless of my mood.

In one episode Del said that he’d like to think that most people remember where they were the day they met Del Trotter… Just like most remember where they were the day Kennedy died… the day of the twin towers….

There aren’t many events or people in our lives that this applies to…

My question to you is:

When someone meets you, do they remember you as:

  • A good person, a positive person, someone who is warming and with humility and compassion?
  • None of the above…. but they remember you for all of the wrongs reasons?

Some thoughts about how we deal with people, I hope you enjoyed!!

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