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I’ve got to say this, and if I offend you by doing so I do apologise in advance.

I was in the Police for 24 years as a full time Cop, prior to that I did 3 years as a Special Constable, during which I also worked as an Ambulance Technician.

Dealing with people and situations… Some of them dangerous and certainly not ones that your instincts would tell you to run towards.. the natural one would be to run away from it!   Who wants to run towards someone that had a gun/knife/is going to hurt you etc… The truth is that is what you sign up for when you decide to do this type of job..The Forces, I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for anyone that chooses to enter such a profession. I recollect hearing gunshots during rioting, seeing people throw petrol bombs at us, knowing that if I or any of my colleagues were to lose each other or fall then we were a target.  We wanted to run away but we ran towards…That was our job..

Reading about Sir Craig Mackey and his decision to “lock the car door and do nothing ” at the inquest into the terrorist murder of PC Keith Palmer has upset me somewhat. When you join the Cops you take an oath to serve HM the Queen and your country, to uphold the law and protect the public.  None of us knows what was going through Sir Craig’s mind at the time but I know that having done the job I had for as long as I did that I would have done something to try and help.. Something to help a colleague in a desperate situation.

Tobias Ellwood MP did such a thing and regardless of which party he represents I would vote for a man of his morals and convictions.

This isn’t a rant!   just an observation……. one Sir Craig will doubtless be thinking about right now..

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