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Strange Feeling, almost surreal!!!

Today has been mostly about sending out books that have been ordered and writing comments to those who have inspired me along the way..  It seems surreal when you write in a book thanking someone for what they have done for you along the way and at the same time, it’s also quite nerve wrecking when you think that they will now (hopefully) read the book and then judge what you have actually written!!

The photo is of the book I sent to my friend Bob Burg

What if they think it’s rubbish??

Did I write enough?

What qualifies me to write such a book?

I’m sure that I am preaching to the converted in some respects as writing a book inevitably comes with risk….with fear of rejection and criticism….. But I can actually say that having seen and felt a book in print that even  if no one likes it then I will still have achieved my goal!

Don’t get me wrong I hope and pray you do like it LOL!!!

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