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Success Vs Failure

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I saw this picture and thought it resonated in so many areas with certain people. Most of you that are authors on here will identify with the above, you may have been through your own issues, highs, lows, successes and failures but we all share a common purpose..

  • Successful People Read Every day…. Unsuccessful people just watch TV.. Now don’t get me wrong I love watching certain things on TV but I certainly fill my mind with books and reading more so. It has made me a much richer person in doing so, financially, in mind and in love.
  • Compliment vs Criticize… Nothing more needed to say here..
  • Forgive others Vs Hold a Grudge…. Sometimes we need to forgive others for their misgivings and failures but “a fool will always find another fool to admire him (or her)” and hold a grudge often based upon assumptions…
  • Talk about ideas Vs Talk about people…. So many people deny themselves the opportunity to progress, preferring to talk about the so called misgivings of others.. Often these very people are unable to hold down a regular job or relationship due to their lack of self esteem.
  • Continuously learn Vs Think they know it all…. Spend life learning rather than basing progression on assumptions and preconceptions on things you think you know lots about..
  • Accept responsibility for their failures Vs Blame others for their failures…. You may be in a job you hate, you may not be able to keep a job for any length of time, is it always somebody else’s fault?? Maybe you return to the company after “pursuing other opportunities” but in the back of your mind “It’s somebody else’s fault” Sometimes we have to accept that responsibility and be pragmatic and mature and see that it was actually us that has failed in this instance..
  • Have a sense of gratitude Vs Have a sense of entitlement…. I’m entitled to this because……. Have a look around the world and be grateful for what we actually have… We need to be grateful for the wonders we see and experience everyday..
  • Set Goals and develop life plans Vs Never set goals… Memories are better than dreams…. Be excited about the future and plan what you are going to do rather than accept the norm and “It will be great when….”
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