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Beware of the Mouse Traps in Life!!

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Now and again life throws stuff at you that you just didn’t see coming.. People you loved and trusted.. People that you thought you knew but subsequently found at that you obviously didn’t  know them.

We are all striving for what is best for us and our families but do we do so at the cost of our reputation?? Do we do so when we are found out to be lying or not a person of the correct morals?? Are we willing to put our morals on the line and lose the respect others that loved us once had for us??

Some people do and I have got to say that when they do they never fail to astound you with their actions and reactions. It is so sad when this happens and some people believe that people forgive and forget…. They do often forgive and rightly so but many simply do not forget.

There are many mouse traps as we go through life… the cheese seems so appealing to us if we haven’t eaten… maybe we are greedy and believe that the cheese can be obtained quickly and easily….even if we have been told that this cheese isn’t good for us…….You may have been told if you work for things you will earn much nicer and more satisfying cheese…. Alas some people just cannot resist the cheese that lies in the mousetrap…..because it is free but I can assure you it comes at a price…

In life there is always free cheese in the mousetraps, but the mice in their ain’t happy

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