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Thoughts on Trust

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How you are perceived by people and how much they trust you will almost certainly help you both in your job and life in general.

Trust is at the core of any professional relationship, it is vital to establish and maintain your reputation, but also in order to create a network of like minded people who will look out for you.

A company or organisation does not succeed by the actions of only one person, A successful team will do so.

I’m going to share some tips to help you build trust with those around you:

  • Always take the opportunity to praise when you can.

When you give credit to others, you’re seen as gracious, it must however be authentic and appropriately timed.  A meeting  for example, is a natural setting to celebrate a colleagues  achievements or say thank you for someone’s help with a project.

  • Avoid Gossiping

Yes it is difficult sometime to avoid gossiping, the truth is however it can be extremely toxic.People may be under the impression that they will build trust with others by sharing gossip but the reality is that they will undoubtedly fear that you will do the same about them.

If you have an issue with someone that you may feel justifies gossiping, speak to the person you have a problem with directly and see if you can’t iron the problem out before it worsens.

  • Share information

Be the one who helps others out by sharing information with them rather than wanting to be the one who keeps information from people. This will undoubtedly enhance your status as a team player.

You must however ensure that your intentions are correct. If your goal is to help then the trust will increase. If however you are doing it for some altruistic reason then you will decrease rather than increase the levels of trust.

  • Trust others

If you view others as trustworthy then the chances are they will view you as trustworthy. No one likes to be micro-managed by someone which can ruin the trust process.

A weekly meeting with an open forum can be a great way of venting any issues, so long as you do not take things personally or use them against someone.

  • Be Consistent

Be known as someone who delivers what they said they would. This should be both in terms of what you deliver and how you do so. Don’t be in a fantastic mood one day and then unapproachable the next. If you are unpredictable then the trust levels are undoubtedly going to be affected in an adverse way.

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