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Do you make the most of each day?

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When you reach the end of your day, do you often reflect upon what happened during the day.

  • Was it a good day?
  • Were you the best you?
  • Anything you’d do differently?
  • Did you make the most of the day?
  • Did you spend too much time worrying about yesterday or tomorrow?
  • Did you make a positive contribution to someone else?

We seem to have so much going on in the background that we often asked ourselves these same questions, personally, I can honestly say that I haven’t always been able to answer these questions in a positive light. I have thought that things would be all OK when a certain event happened, when I did this or when someone else did something to influence a decision.

The truth is we only have today, we can only really influence directly what happens in the now. I know we can make a difference to the future with our actions but that is the future.

Today is the now.

Around 20 years ago at my Uncle’s funeral the Pastor recollected that my uncle had completed his days work. He had made the most of the day and was happy that he had returned home and at rest. He likened his passing to that of the feeling when we return home to our loved ones and close the door on the world. This has stuck with me all of those years and underlines the power of words. How someone can say or write something 20 years ago and still have an effect upon the recipient.

I am as guilty as you at not always making the most of today, I have made a promise to myself that I will consciously make an effort to sit back at the end of a day and be in a better position that I too have made a positive contribution to my own day.

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