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Writing Habits

You want to Start Writing?

I'm guessing if you are reading this then you are interested in the prospect of writing.

One of the things that frightened me somewhat in the early days was the amount of words I would have to write in order to write a book. Personally I joined Go Read and found that the discipline of writing an article each week enabled me to form the writing habit. Most of the articles I wrote were around  300-500 words. I do have arthritis in my knee which means that I struggle to sit down for any length of time so writing in short bursts was right for me.

The truth is when you immerse yourself into writing an article, you quickly arrive at the 500 word mark. Not suggesting that all of those words will make it into your book/article because that is another conversation. What matters is that you get the words down, after all you can edit what is there, but you cannot edit an empty page.

My suggestion is to segment your writing over a period of time, for arguments sake, you decide that you want to write a book of 40,000 words...

  1. 40,000 words/500 words equals 80 writing sessions of 500 words.
  2. So if you did 500 words over 80 days you would reach your target.
  3. Lets be kind and give yourself 120 days allowing for some days off.
  4. In 4 months you could have an unedited manuscript, allowing yourself 40 days off within that 120 days!
  5. The truth is that once you start writing and the habit is formed you will find that your days off become fewer, and your 500 word sessions may well not be daily, but maybe you will write two lots of 500 words!

Just some suggestions to get you started on your writing journey, I hope you find it useful, we all started writing from scratch remember and like anything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes...


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