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Listening = Learning

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Unfortunately there are some ignorant people in the world, some simply act upon what they are told without taking the time to think for themselves. They jump to conclusions and quite often end up realising that what they have been told is perhaps not exactly as the situation appears, four points you can use in the workplace or life to enhance your own communication skills:

1.       Listen

Effective communication is the core of relationships, it should be no different with work colleagues or family. If you choose to engage with someone then ensure the dialogue is open, listen to what they have to say and share how you feel about the situation. None of us likes to be wrong but we have to respect how others feel too. They may have been fed information which simply isn’t true so try and see it from others perspectives too.

Participate in open conversations and do not be afraid to admit when you are wrong. It takes a braver person to do so and you will be respected much more for this. We all do things for different reasons, sometimes we cannot see why someone has done something even though they will have been doing it for a reason.

2. Show people you care.

Ensure that people understand that you are listening, it may be a nod, it may be by asking for a point to be repeated or indeed challenging something which you maybe find difficult to understand.

If we simply ignore new information and refuse to think about what we have heard then there seems little point in you challenging a point of view with a preconceived idea which only serves to justify your mind which has already been made up before you know the facts.

If you can’t understand why , simply explain why and you might just be surprised with the answer. It’s scary, but transparency like this goes a long way to create a culture of respect and trust.

3. Help each other.

People who respect each other help each other. They support each other as employees and as people. Not only does this mean that employees will have richer, more positive relationships at work but also when there is a culture of support, employees won’t be afraid to ask for help. This ultimately makes everyone more comfortable and effective in his or her job.

4. Encourage everyone to be themselves.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with you then it is a foolish person who refuses to see the issue from someone else’s angle. We can’t all be right, but a fool always finds a bigger fool to admire him. If you go through life being yourself you should be proud of the fact that you are transparent and if someone asks you a question you will give an answer. Might not be the one you are looking for but such is life!!

The next time you find yourself stumped at retaining and engaging employees and/or friends, just remember that it comes down to two surprisingly simple concepts: respect and trust.


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