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Sometimes we all need help

Sometimes we all need help

The guy in the photo many of you won’t recognize if you don’t live in the UK but he is one of the best known and successful TV presenters in the UK and is part of an extremely successful “double act” that presents several shows. To many he has everything, fame, money and all of the trappings that some believe this brings.

Yet he has fallen upon bad times; just this week  been charged with Drink Driving,and is “taking a break” from TV which if he hadn’t decided, then I am sure others would have done so for him. He has had  several well documented issues with Depression over the past few years which have also manifested in issues with alcohol. Please do not for one minute think I am condoning the Drink Drive arrest, there is no excuse for this.

Watching him on TV is a pleasure,he seems to be such a great guy, very funny, extremely popular and an all round person with who you’d like to spend time.Yet he has demons, all of the money he appears to have, the success, the almost perfect lifestyle according to many.. yet it is nothing compared to happiness??

Yet unfortunately Society and particularly media is hell bent upon getting a picture of him with a wine glass, or looking unkempt. It is so sad that this animal is fed and concentrated upon rather than to try and put an arm around someone and offer the hand of friendship or love.

Personally I have had a bad week and had to pick myself up and motivate myself just to do simple things, I have found things a real effort. Not slept much, been short with people and generally not felt good about things.

You see sometimes we all need help , we may come across people in our everyday lives and not have a clue what is going on inside that head…… 

I find comfort in writing on here and reading your experiences helpful and would like to thank you all for the wonderful inspiration and help that you give to me each day.

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