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What can we do today to make a difference?

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Have you ever retired for the evening and wondered where it all went wrong today? Why did you get into that argument with your boss? The driver that cut you up on the way home from work who made you mad?

In a moment of reflection you may well think that this perhaps wasn’t the right thing to do. Did you act in a moments madness? People have murdered people in a moment of madness, a marriage may have ended in a moment of madness. A moment that is all it can take to change things irrevocably.

Let me put something to you… Why don’t you get up tomorrow or decide from this very moment to think about the picture I’ve posted above..

What can we do today to make a difference?

It cold be a simple act of kindness towards one of our fellow human beings, opening a door for someone, telling a doorman or shopkeeper that you appreciate the valuable work they do.

Just one act in a day, maybe it will spur you on to more, maybe it will be contagious that your lifes’ work becomes all about how you can enhance the life of others. Maybe this new habit can make you take the time to try and reduce your moments of madness..

None of us is infallible and I am no exception, but so long as we read and take the time to reflect upon life then we will never stop learning.

Have an awesome, awe-inspring, week and ask yourself;

What can we do today to make a difference?


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