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Reinvent Yourself

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Do you ever wish you were something? If only I was … then people would think of me as…. an authority… If I was this successful then people would think……

You get what I am talking about… Read on and I will share a thought with you…………

I recently read a book called the Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn, one of the Chapters was entitled “Reinvent Yourself Regularly”

It starts with the following:

A sad employee left his job of many years

Most days he worked were like the day before

He wasn’t disliked by colleagues but he won’t be missed

And while he made good money, he felt poor.

He always did what he was paid to do and nothing more

And he did without having any fun.

He performed his job the way he lived his life:

He did it the way it had always been done.

I am certain that this many of you can identify with this, many of us fall into the trap of thinking we simply have to do things because “That’s just how we do it, always have had”

It’s never too late to make that change however old we are, we can make a difference in an instant, think in the NOW..

Yesterday will never happen again, tomorrow is in the future so my friend if you reinvent yourself NOW then your tomorrow can be a much brighter place, most importantly your NOW certainly is a much brighter place.

Think of a way you can reinvent yourself and give it a try… You might even smile and like it

You can reinvent yourself regularly. People should look at themselves as works in progress. Sanborn believes that people should apply a one-a-day principle to their reinventions.

One what?

One step, that takes you closer to where you want to be.

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