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Book Publishing Journey-Part One

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I’m going to share with you a series of articles relating to my experience of writing a book, this is by no means “teaching granny to suck eggs” as I am writing on a forum with so many published authors and extremely successful ones at that.

Each of our journeys and outlook is unique, I feel honoured to be able to share this experience with you.

The first question we must ask ourselves when we decided upon writing a book is:

‘What is my book about? What’s the Story?’

Non Fiction
Self development
Self Help
Etc Etc….. You get the picture..

For me the genre was Self development/Self Help because I read a lot of books in this genre, I can relate to the content and experiences of the authors. I have been at rock bottom and picked myself up, lived to tell the tale, attributed in the main by many of these authors works…

This was my driving factor… my WHY… Because these guys have given me so much when I read their books that I wanted to be the person that gives the same to others.

Next I looked at books I loved and wanted to emulate, to be seen within the same playing field as, specifically in my case

How to win friends and influence people- Dale Carnegie
The Speed of Trust-Stephen M.R Covey
The Greatest Prospector in the World-Ken Dunn
The Go Giver-Bob Burg and John D Mann
How to Make People Like you in 90 seconds or less-Nicholas Boothman

I personally love parables, I believe they have the ability to change your life, to stay with you and the messages contained within. This is what happened when I read “The Greatest Prospector in the World” and as such my mission in writing a book was to try and thence emulate this book so that I could convey a message to my readers that I had received when I and my kids read this book.

So the hard work begins…. We need an idea, we need a story, we need a theme. My initial book idea was to do with Business Networking, at that time I was leading a few groups, I had spoken in front of audiences sharing my story. I had a history of depression and had lived to tell the tale.

It was during a Skype call with Ken Dunn, my daughter Isabel, true to form with her had to join in.. Ken spoke to her and afterwards said to me, “You need to be an expert in your field, you need to convey to your readers the love and trust that little girl does when she looks into your eyes”

From that moment, my love of three particular books and the love of my daughter created the story of my soon to be published book…..

Next week I will share more with you..

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