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Last Train to London

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  • Is life always awesome? Have you been through some really crappy times when you wondered if things would ever improve?
  • ….. I certainly have and I want to share a few thoughts of two absolute extremes.

Last week we travelled to London on business; we stayed at a lovely hotel and had a beautiful meal ,all with my beautiful wife to be. This morning we did what we needed to do for her business then travelled to Saville row and purchased a suit for our forthcoming wedding.

All fantastic , wonderful stuff, and so exciting.

In the cab back to the station I saw a guy sat in a doorway, homeless, destitute, begging just to get by in life. I caught his eye and he caught mine…

That could well have been me, in fact I have written about it in a forthcoming manuscript I have written telling my story. The chapter is entitled “Last Train to London” It recounts a true story when I came so close to just getting on a train to London late one night, my thoughts being that I would disappear away from  normality, withdraw from society where no one knew me and I could be anonymous. I’m so glad I chose not to.

That night I  received an email with cover designs for my forthcoming book, again so exciting and I simply cannot wait to feel my book, see my book and the accomplishment that comes with having written a book.

Yet the only thing  I  thought about all day was catching the eye of this guy sat on the street.. People will say that he had a choice, he need not have ended up homeless, yet none of us knows their story..

I hope you have the humility to understand that what I am referring to is that none of us knows that other persons story… we all have one and when you see someone sat on a street corner have a think..  Heavy stuff but I thought I’d share my story of today with you…

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