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If you’ve ever written a book or started writing a book I hazard a guess you were like me and visualised what the physical book would actually look like. Well I’d like to share with you how this happened to me and how excited I was when I opened the email from the publishers with the designs for my book cover.

It is such a great feeling I cannot emphasize enough what this feels like.. We imagine what our book will look like, what it will feel like to hold and know that it is your doing… We had a family debate between my beautiful wife to be, son and the dogs and replied back with some ideas once the casting vote was cast by my other half Kay who make no bones about it is in charge LOL…… I’ve attached what we received so when the finished article comes out then you will see where it was born!!!

If you are reading this blog and still in the throes of writing your book, maybe you put it down some time ago because life got in the way, I can honestly tell you that the toil of writing and I know it’s not easy, well opening this email and in fact each one I’m getting along the way with editing and formatting which I’ll share in more posts along the way makes it all the more worthwhile…. Keep writing and you will live the dream!!

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