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The Waiter Rule

You may or may not have heard of this. When I first read about it it put me in mind of so many people I have met and observed in life.

To sum up “The Waiter Rule” someone who is nice to the waiter or bar person is generally a nice person. The person who is rude to them is not a nice person.

Lets expand upon this and imagine you have just met a “prospect” to do business with, it might well be a MLM opportunity, it may well be your opportunity to pitch your business to that person, that may well make a difference to your future.

You order the coffee and conduct your due diligence, you thank the person serving you and there we go. That is because you are a good person, you have good values and respect people. You do so to this person serving you regardless of the job they do, their background, race, creed etc etc.

Your “Prospect” meanwhile is absolutely charming to you, after all it is you that is presenting an opportunity to further them or save them money or improve their life… You get the idea and you think this person is someone that would fit into your organisation just nicely.

The “Prospect” then asks if you would like another drink. “Yes I Would” is the answer. “Mr Prospect” approaches the bar or serving area and orders drinks from the person serving . His attitude towards this person quite frankly stinks. He is disrespectful towards them when conducting the transaction.

“Mr Prospect” returns to you full of joy and drinks of course and continues with the business conversation you are both involved in.

The Waiter Rule defines that if the person is rude to the waiter then the odds are he/she is not a nice person.

Have a think about your own interactions with people and whether you could apply this scenario. I know that over the years I have experienced people that have been very nice to me but then awful to others.

The thing is in life, it costs absolutely nothing to be nice to people, it actually is quite empowering and satisfying if you are nice to people.

I try to live by the rule of speaking to people as I would like to be spoken to. I have been one of those “waiters” You know what, in life, you really don’t know who you are speaking to regardless of what job they may be doing at that particular time.

I have always interacted with cleaners, chamber maids, waiters etc wherever I am. It is something that seems to be natural. No egotistical reason, but to reiterate that I value the job they do,every part of a cog is important. We all do a good job in an organisation that if not done would doubtless have an effect on the rest of the tasks in hand.

It is only recently that I have heard about the waiter rule.

Have a think about yourself, and watch others along the way…. Speak Soon… I hope you like my little drawing!!

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