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People with a Situational Value System

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I was in a busy grocery store last week and like others, had been in the queue for some time. There were only two staff members on duty working as fast as humanly possible. Both ladies were apologising to customers as they went through the checkout explaining that they had staff shortages

I had already let two ladies go ahead of me as they had less shopping than me but I really needed to get home as I had things to do. I overheard one person behind me complaining loudly about the size of the queue so that everyone including the poor ladies working away under pressure could hear.

This put me in mind of situations I have been in myself in my own working life when under pressure and how intolerant some people can be of others. You see some people can have a situational value system where they cannot appreciate that someone else may be under pressure. They forget that these two ladies were just doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. They were someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, someone’s mum, they are loved by somebody and are doing their job to survive and thrive in today’s society. I doubt that they would have appreciated the reactions of some people had it been them doing their best.

I wrote an article some time back “The Waiter Rule” and I have also included a full chapter incorporating this in my upcoming book which goes along the lines of “If a person is nice to the waiter then there’s a good chance they are a nice person, if they are rude to the waiter then there’s every chance they are not a nice person”

If we could all treat others as we would like to be treated then the world would certainly be a more pleasant place to be…… We can all start with ourselves…..

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